We are all in agreement: special occasions require special fine wines. The key question is: how do I know which brand is a premium sparkling wine and which one isn’t? What distinguishes a top-quality product from a normal one?

Essentially: a sparkling wine is always as good as the wine it came from. Therefore, for a premium sparkling wine, it’s essential that the quality of the base wines is first-class. The most important and decisive criterion for a champion composition is an excellent growing location. Another indication is a limited number of bottles that are put onto the market each year. The low volumes are a result of especially protected and depleted growing areas that are characterised by their particular quality and from which only the best quality grapes are used to produce the wine and sparkling wine. In this instance, importance is attached to a particularly careful, time-consuming production process.

Those who want to take it safe should settle on a delicate champagne. The wine used comes exclusively from the French Champagne region and is processed according to the classic manufacturing process, the “Méthode Champenoise”. The particularly high standards ensure first-class results.

But, to be completely honest: It doesn’t always have to be champagne. German sparkling wine cellars also produce very fine wines that need not shy away from comparison: For example, the Fürst von Metternich and Adam Henkell sparkling wine cellars produce excellent premium products. Exactly according to our taste.