The object of our desire lies in the mountains on a vine: the grape. It is a key element for the wine’s quality, and connoisseurs know that: every sparkling wine is only as good as the wine it comes from. Taking this into consideration, we put a lot of effort into the harvest and, of course, only select the finest specimens. This requires a great deal of persistence, and is, naturally, extremely unusual and very exhausting. At the end of the day, we have a huge amount of respect for the many helpers who carry this out day in, day out, at breathtaking pace.

At an accelerated pace, the grape harvest is essentially a simple process: The grapes are removed from the stem using scissors, collected into the corresponding containers, then transferred into wooden vats which are, in turn, emptied into a grape transporter. This then transports the grapes to the press house, where they are processed.

However, a few extra key elements now enter the equation: experience, care and also a bit of luck – at least where the weather is concerned. The experience and care of the wine-grower determine the quality of the grapes which are carefully pressed following the harvest – also referred to as wine pressing amongst experts. In the process, it must be ensured that no disruptive flavourings from the seeds or stems make it into the grape juice. For our crop, this looks excellent.

Once this juice has found its way into the corresponding barrels, it starts to ferment under the effects of wine yeast. There is a fair amount of alcohol created in the process: the juice is between 8 to 12 percent vol. and combines the flavourings and bouquets of the wine. Transferred to other barrels, the clear and light wine now must rest for several months. Just as well, because only mature wine with a full fragrance and flavouring will later make it to the sparkling wine glass! Hence the basis for the production of sparkling wine has been formed. The cellarer later decides whether this wine is in line with the character of his or her sparkling wine composition.