Every sparkling wine captivates not just because of its own very special character, but also because of its sweetness. This is because a dosage of sugar dissolved in wine is added to every product after the fermentation process, for fine-tuning – which gives the desired flavour. This solution is referred to as “expedition liqueur”.

For those who want to know exactly what this is, here is an overview of the various flavours and their residual sugar content per litre according to the EU standard:

  • Mild or doux: more than 50 g
  • Semi-dry or semi-secco: between 33 g and 50 g
  • Dry or secco: between 17 g and 35 g
  • Extra-dry or Extra Trocken: between 12 g and 20 g
  • Brut: less than 15 g
  • Extra Brut: less than 6 g
  • Brut Nature Brut Zero: less than 3 g