Did you know that the development of sparkling wine is closely related to the bottle stoppers?

The first attempts to produce our favourite drink date back to the year 1540. The cork oak bark played a vital role in the process. Supposedly, it was Monsieur Dom Pérignon himself who discovered that this material was excellently suited to sealing the sparkling wine bottles in an air-tight and pressure-tight manner, so that the “effervescent wines” could finally be bottled. Back then, he was a cellarer in the French abbey at Hautvillers.

However, even after this discovery, the indulgence of sparkling wine was still an extremely complicated matter for a long time. The corks often flew past the cellarer’s ears – either they were forced out of the bottle due to the formation of carbon dioxide, or the hand-blown bottles could not withstand the pressure. The sparkling wine bottles became more stable as a result of the development of stronger glass, and the holding fixtures made from wire provided additional support.

And us? Even today, we still enjoy this wonderful discovery. It ensures that we are all able to enjoy the delightful varieties of sparkling wine in their consistent high level of quality.