In general, a good sparkling wine leaves the wine cellar at the peak of its maturity. Afterwards, the natural ageing process begins. After about two to three years, an ageing tone will have formed that is similar to the taste of sherry. In addition, sparkling wine that has been stored for too long loses its bubbles. That would be far too much of a shame. That’s why we recommend not to store the product of your choice for too long and to drink it as soon as possible.

However, if you follow a few tips, you will absolutely be able to store a bottle of sparkling wine with a plastic stopper for up to two years, and one with a natural cork for as long as three years. As a general rule, the following applies: store in a cool, quiet and dark place and preferably upright as opposed to horizontal. Then there won’t be any cork taste and a loss of pressure will be avoided. Cellar rooms or special wine fridges are, of course, ideal storage places. In contrast, changes in temperature, transportation in an overheated car boot, or strong exposure to light are very harmful for all sparkling wines. For safety reasons, the bottles of sparkling wine should also not be stored in clay pipes or stone racks, because the rough surface could damage the bottles and then encourage them to burst.