As you of course know, there is always a reason to celebrate. But it is only really fun if you don’t do so alone. And even more fun if you celebrate with your favourite people. Whether you are the spontaneous type or prefer to make long-term plans – a few preparations are necessary. First and foremost: A party should be fun. Namely, for everyone. If you organise a few things properly in advance, then there will be (almost) nothing in the way of a fantastic party and you too will be able to celebrate without any stress. After all, your place is on the dance floor!


  • Where is the party going to take place?
  • When will it start?
  • Who absolutely needs to attend?
  • How much available budget do I have?
  • Who’s going to take care of the music?
  • Are there enough seating options and tables?
  • What sort of lightning would be suitable?
  • Is it for a specific occasion or is there a specific theme?

Now for the most important thing... Women, men, children. Who prefers what? Beer, wine, sparkling wine, water – these drinks should most certainly not be forgotten. For mixing, you can of course also offer some juice or something high-proof. What is tasty and simple? Finger food. Here, everyone can have a pick and try everything once, and won’t be to full afterwards to hit the dance floor.

When everything is ready – send out the invitations and off you go. In order to avoid any trouble with the neighbours, it’s preferable to let them know in advance or even invite them along. Have fun!