The Scandinavians show us how it's done. An enviable effortlessness seems to cling to them. And cheerfulness. They call this feeling “Hygge”. Here, it's about a very special view of life. About the small things which can have such a big effect. Luckily we don’t have to emigrate to be able to benefit from this. We can simply replicate a lot of this quite easily and bring this sense of well-being back home.

1. Take some time for yourself and spend it with your loved ones as often as you can.
2. Stop constantly counting calories and cook up a storm in the kitchen more often. And then eat everything up together, accompanied by a glass of wine or sparkling wine. It will make you happy. Promise.
3. Do you know what apple blossom smells like? How it feels when the sun tickles your nose for the first time in spring? Can you hear the crunch of snow under your feet? No? Then it’s high time you go outside again.
4. here’s no place like home. Make it as comfortable for yourself as possible. Cushions, candles and warm light are the best conditions for feeling good.
5. Sleeping. Is healthy in any case. In times when things somehow aren't running as usual, it’s even more important. Best tip to avoid panicking: Sleep on it, then everything will look different.
6. A tidy house, a tidy mind. As a child, this expression went in one ear and out the other, but is actually not so silly at all. A tidy environment enables you to think more clearly again.
7. Quality instead of quantity. It’s better to have one thing less in exchange for something that you can really be happy about. Learn to be able to appreciate value one again.
8. Be grateful. Higher, faster, further is certainly not the key to happiness. Simply pause for a moment now and then and be happy about your life. It is so beautiful!