Advent wreaths you’ll fall in love with!

Christmastime is considered to be the best time of year not just due to the smells of baking biscuits, punch and wood smoke, or due to “Last Christmas” or “Love Actually”. It is much more likely to be down to the fact that it is the one time of year when even confirmed purists can give into decoration fever without fear of consequences. And there can't be too much sparkle, aroma, or too many awakened memories.
But you still don’t have to collect your Nana’s Christmas decorations from the attic to create the right mood. We will show you how to make your own individual and special advent wreath in the twinkling of an eye. Whether in disguise as German ring-shaped cake Gugelhupf, or as a cosy snood. Perfectly easy, pretty, and only a tiny bit kitsch. We promise!
For detailed instructions, click here:


Gugelhupf Advent Wreath
with no burning candles

Snood Advent Wreath
crafted cosily