They are so irreplaceable, how wonderful. If you have crazy friends, you have everything you need – so it is said. And there is some truth in that. Friends listen to you even if you are ranting about you ex-boyfriend for the hundredth time. They tell you honestly if you have missed the mark in terms of your wardrobe choice or whether, next time, it would be better if you refrained from that extra cream on your sundae. And they sometimes also understand you simply without words. Reason enough to celebrate this friendship every once in a while. First and foremost: The sparkling wine has been chilled and the boyfriend banished from the flat. Now there are several possibilities:

The dress code is obvious: Comfort is top priority. Then, onto the sofa where you are allowed to cry to your heart’s content. And laugh. And call out in unison. And dream. During your favourite film. Upon seeing the hottest actor. With ice cream and pizza. A very simple recipe that is a sure-fire mood-lifter.

Have you always wanted to know what you’d look like with green eye shadow? Whether flares suit you? And how on earth to get beach-waves? Now is the perfect time to find out. Simply try out a couple of beauty experiments that you otherwise wouldn’t have time for. Guaranteed laughing fit. Important: Don’t forget to take photos.

Dance like nobody's watching – in far too high shoes, try new cocktails, flirt – sometimes with and sometimes without intention – go out until sunrise. Do you have your friends with you? Then it almost doesn't matter where you go. The new club or a trendy bar. Even better if you ring in the evening together. Whilst getting ready together and having the first glass of sparkling wine at home or at your favourite neighbourhood Italian restaurant.