Eucalyptus LOVE

Eucalyptus? Those green sweets that your grandma always keeps within reach? The ultimate home remedy against winter sniffles? Yes and yes. However, eucalyptus doesn't just taste good and have a healing effect, it also looks unbelievably good. Reason enough to examine the branches more closely. Are you in the mood for unusual home decor ideas? Home-made eucalyptus oil? We show you how it’s done.

 1) Eucalyptus oil

...smells wonderful and simply does you good. You will need a handful of fresh eucalyptus. This can be found at your local market or garden department. And a resealable glass. Place the eucalyptus leaves inside and crush them down using a spoon, so that the natural essential oil can leak out. Now add approx. 120 ml light olive oil. Shake well so that everything can bind together. And then? You have to wait a while. After three weeks, you can sift out the leaves and use you oil as the mood takes you. Fancy a relaxing bath? Go for it!

  2) Hanging eucalyptus

Just a couple of ingredients, coupled with fresh eucalyptus, and you can bring a stylish touch to your home in no time. The light colours of the eucalyptus leaves can be combined wonderfully with copper and make for a high jealousy-factor. This is how it’s done: Hanging eucalyptus

Hanging eucalyptus

  3) Eucalyptus wreath

All you need is a brass ring, a little bit of wire and some eucalyptus. In the blink of an eye and without a great deal of manual skill, you will have a wonderful wreath that can be kept throughout the entire year. Click here for the instructions:

Eucalyptus wreath